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Positive Property Strategies (PPS) offers investors the opportunity to create extraordinary wealth through investing in select property developments. Read more below…


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Positive Property Strategies has grown to become one of Australia’s leading property development consultancies and a trusted brand amongst business partners and investors. Over the years PPS has accumulated an enviable track record of successful project delivery and the provision of strong returns to our investors.


PPS provides investors with the opportunity to participate in specific PPS projects and receive a cash return on their investment. This option suits investors who don’t want to be directly involved in ownership structure of the project but want an interest rate return on funds invested.


PPS keeps a register of investors who are interested in receiving a cash return on their investment. Once PPS secures a suitable project an Expression of Interest document is issued to investors who have registered their interest. Investors who decide to progress their interest further then receive an Information Memorandum including application paperwork to facilitate their investment.


If you are interested in investing in a project managed by PPS that will offer a cash return, please indicate your interest by completing this form we will contact you regarding suitable investment opportunities.